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Types of Labels

What kind of labels do we make.

We get asked that question all the time. And we almost always answer it with another question: “Well, what type of labels do you need?”

This answer is necessary, because answering with every type of label we make would take quite awhile, as the list is fairly long (and we know nobody really wants to hear the long answer anyway!)

In general terms, if you are in business, and you need labels, then we can very likely handle your request. Our list of label types is long, and our + label manufacturing capabilities are extensive.

While we make and sell labels to end users, we can also work with resellers and print brokers, and are fully capable of blind shipping and/or drop shipping.

here are some of the labels we make:

Prime Labels

  • Any manner of retail use and consumer products

  • Beverage labels

  • Food labels

  • Promotional campaigns

  • Health and beauty

  • Household chemicals and products

  • Instant redeemable coupons

  • Materials available: high gloss and semi-gloss papers, white polypropylene films, clear no-label look films, plus many others

    Industrial Labels

  • Barcode labels

  • Shipping labels

  • Shipper Case barcode labels

  • Preprinted laser labels

  • Shelf pricing labels

  • Fully Tinted thermal transfer and direct thermal labels.

  • Security applications: voidable, tamper evident labels; destructible labels

  • Circuit board high-temperature labels

  • Durable labels, decals, and warning labels for all types of machinery and equipment.

  • Blank Labels

  • Thermal Transfer

  • Direct Thermal

  • Laser sheets

  • EDP (dot-matrix)

  • Thermal transfer ribbons for all printed models: wax, wax/resin, resin, etc

  • We make blank labels by the billions, for end users and resellers both. If you need a blank label, for any reason at all, look no further.