Product labeling heavily influences the purchasing decision.  However, if a product requires a lot of copy on the label, how can you balance the appealing design with legal requirements or consumer needs?   The answer – expanded content!

Simply put, expanded content labels (ECL) are ideal for products that require more space for regulatory and/or multilingual information, not to mention the opportunity to engage with your consumers in a new, fresh way.  ECL are adaptable to virtually any container and offer reseal features for repeated reference. All of this is achieved without reducing brand real estate. ECL is a versatile solution.

ECLs are available as hinge label with two- or three-layers, as booklet labels or as wrap around labels.  You can also enhance the value of your product line through instant redeem coupons, mail-in rebates, and cross-promotional literature. As ECLs often require custom design, the specific needs of a product are always front and center.

2-Ply Hinge labels

Save space on your labels to maximize your branding, logos, and graphics, by putting all the text and non-branding details on the inner layer. A two ply label construction allows for the ability to add legal copy, recipes, extra languages, allergen information, product usage instructions, or even additional branding opportunities. They can be opened from either side and can be resealable.

Booklet labels

If your copy requires a few pages, a leaflet-style booklet is definitely the way to go. They are easy to use and navigate, and can allow for easy reading and resealing if needed.  The pages can be bound with glue or stapled at the spine. Booklet labels are prominent in the medical and pharmaceutical markets, as well as being used for regulatory requirements for household and garden chemical labels.

Wrap-around labels

This format of multi-ply label is great for cylindrical jars or containers. They are essentially like a 2 ply hinge and can allow for 3 surfaces of information.


If you are looking for ideas on how to use ECL, here are 9 ideas from Lorpon Labels:

  1. Coupons and Rebate labels: Everyone loves to save money, so why not affix a coupon or rebate to your product to give it a boost and build brand loyalty. Instant Redeemable Coupons are also great for moving products with upcoming expiry dates.
  2. Customer Loyalty Programs: Rewarding customers goes a long way to retaining them and creating a long term relationships. Why not provide a card with a unique code that enrolls a customer in a loyalty program once they fill a form in online.
  3. Story Telling: There are a number of brands with great stories to tell. Stories can capture customers and emotionally connect them to your brand. When they are connected, they are more inclined to buy more from your company.
  4. Recipes: New ideas on how to use your products, such as recipes, will keep buyers engaged with your product.
  5. Food and Drug Facts: When it comes to food and drugs, end users need a list of ingredients, calories, nutritional facts, as well as critical safety information. The list can sometimes be long and unmanageable. This is where an expanded content option can add value.
  6. Multilingual Labeling: Combine one language or multiple languages into one booklet label to make selling across Canada or in foreign markets easier. If your products appeal to multi-cultural communities add your target market languages to the mix on a second layer.
  7. New Product Launch: If you are looking to launch a new product to market, why not use your best selling product to educated customers on a new product.
  8. “DIY” and “How To”: Many buyers today are interested in DIY, so why not give them the information on how they can solve a problem with your product. They will appreciate the tip and the time you saved them.
  9. Convenience: Booklets that detach from heavy or awkwardly sized packages allow for consumer convenience and are appreciated.
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