Ontario’s craft beer industry is hopping! With more and more competitors bubbling to the surface, your beer can’s label is one of your most effective marketing tools. Rise above your competition with an eye-catching, pressure-sensitive (PS) label.

At Lorpon Labels, we’re confident this new trend of PS labels are best for beer. Here’s why…

Speed and cost

Craft breweries have traditionally had to accept the long lead times and complicated workflows associated with an outsourced shrink-labelling project. From placing an order to receiving the final shipment, and all the steps in-between, this process can take well over three to four weeks or more. And, while some breweries may be fortunate enough to apply shrink labels in house, the equipment comes with a high upfront capital cost as well as tooling, which takes all-important funds and attention away from what breweries do best: make great beer!

But, if you choose PS labels for your beer cans, the workflow speed is more than twice as fast. After you contact Lorpon Labels with final art files, we need just five days lead time, plus shipping, that’s it! Plus, the labels will have a lower total applied cost.

Digital advantage

With our digital printing services, you can customize your beer can labels as you wish, to further increase engagement with your consumers, and rise above the competition. We can work with low minimums, initiating print runs for orders as small as 1,000 labels.
By printing labels digitally, you can have what you need when you need it, and make changes as you go. We will transform your artwork into a living entity, allowing for both real-time proofing and editing. This means information can be easily added, edited or removed, and colours can be quickly corrected. These are all processes that would take extra days and dollars using shrink labels.


Own your brand with a unique beer can. With PS labels, you can embrace the power of variable content using our state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital print technology. Our digital label press prints stunning high-end labels, requires less set-up and thereby allows you to place a much lower minimum order quantity. This is ideal for seasonal craft beer, small-batch brewing and personalized event-themed labels.

To obtain your stand-out look, we utilize a wide range of available materials, including white, clear, silver metalized and holographics. We also offer a large selection of embellishment options, such as hot or cold foils; matte or gloss effects; tactile printing; as well as glitter, pearlescent, soft touch and leather effects.
Our team at Lorpon Labels can help you tap into best labelling options for your cans, and your consumers, too. Let us show you how we can make your craft beer stand out from the crowd with a rich, pressure-sensitive label. Cheers!

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