After nearly two years of COVID-related disruptions, delays, restrictions, and supply chain issues, 2022 holds a lot of promise for brands—but it won’t be easy to stand out. Competition remains fierce for limited shelf space. Your labels are the best way to get attention in a crowded space, so now’s the time to plan your packaging. Drawing a blank? Check out these stunners we’ve produced here at Lorpon.

Beam-me-up holographic labels

A beverage label might not generate quite the excitement of Captain Kirk emerging from empty space but it can come close!

Left Field BreweryImages from Left Field Brewery

Left Field Brewery

Left Field Brewery wanted something eye-catching for the labels for their new brew Squeeze Play. The name might evoke summer days at the ballpark but pennant colours wouldn’t do. Instead, we worked with them to create a shimmery label that put the Roy G. Biv into their “Rainbow Sherbet Sour,” printed with our HP Indigos on holographic stock.

Tonica KombuchaImage from Tonica Kombucha

Tonica Kombucha

Rainbows and holographic paper aren’t the only fun things you can do with your labels. For their kombucha beverage, Tonica wanted something sparkling. By using matte lamination and spot high gloss on metallic film, we produced a label so shimmery you can almost hear it fizz.

Everybody loves embellishments…

The trick is to be choosy enough that your package doesn’t end up looking like an ’80s jean jacket. (Unless that’s what you’re going for.) These are some of our favourite embellished labels from the past year.

Kinsip House of Fine Spirits Image from Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

Textured white felt stock and a classic design with details outlined in copper hot foil give this barrel-aged gin from Kinsip House of Fine Spirits a high-end finish.

Laneway DistillersImage from Laneway Distillers

Laneway Distillers

We wrapped this Ever gin by Laneway Distillers in a premium label so cozy the bottle might as well be reading by the fire. Gold foiling and subtle high-build gloss give the packaging an elegant feel.

Nonsuch Brewing CoImage from Nonsuch Brewing Company

Nonsuch Brewing Company

This Apricot Rose Saison label for Nonsuch Brewing Company is printed on white felt water-resistant Aquashield stock. The artwork’s fine lines are highlighted using intricate matte gold foiling. The label is finished with a matte UV varnish.

Wood Brothers BrewingImage from Wood Brothers Brewing

Wood Brothers Brewing

Not all embellishments are extra. These small-batch brews give off down-to-earth vibes. We used our HP Indigos to print labels that look like kraft paper with faux-foil, but carry the durability of film.

Labels! Who needs ’em?

OK, we do, but that doesn’t mean they have to look like labels. A no-label look is typically achieved with a printed can, but that can be expensive when you take into account order minimums. Check out what we can do with clear labels.

The Paris Beer CompanyImage from The Paris Beer Company

The Paris Beer Company

The Paris Beer Company loves our clear labels and has had us create several for their brews including their Barnyard Bully Double Imperial Pale Ale. The steely-eyed rooster gets its appearance by printing on clear BOPP material with a gloss finish. White ink adds opacity.

Collective Arts BrewingImage from Collective Arts Brewing

Collective Arts Brewing

A clear label doesn’t have to mean monochrome. Check out the label on this porter from Collective Arts Brewing. Made with gold metallic screen printing on an ultra-clear film, this label has slightly raised ink which makes the bottle look and feel painted.

Sustainable labels

There’s an opportunity at every step of your production process to improve your sustainability strategy. We can help with the labels.

LarkImage from Lark


Lark’s process posed a challenge—one we were up for! Lark supplies flavoured water in glass bottles that the customer returns to be filled again so the labels had to be replaced somehow, without compounding waste. Our solution was labels printed on a dissolvable substrate that retains its print quality until the label is entirely washed away.

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