Digital printing provides high-resolution quality, consistency, perfect colour registration, and an impressive capacity for customization or personalization. It’s a powerful tool that lets you surprise and delight your audience – and change their expectations of what packaging can be.

Think: pop cans with individual customer names on them; beer labels with 100 different images in one run; limited-batch bottles with numbering to emphasize scarcity and exclusivity; and, 2D barcodes that link to websites via smartphone apps.

Digital can really bring branding to life. It’s also perfect for trial runs, prototyping, presentation samples, and unlimited customization for different markets.

We have lots of ideas for making your products jump off the shelf – just ask us.

The HP Indigo WS6800 digital press

We’re one of only a few label converters in the country using this state-of-the-art press, the most advanced narrow-web solution on the market for premium labels and packaging production. It gives us the market-leading ability to do any type of pressure-sensitive label in small and large batches with faster lead times.

Superior quality

Part of HP’s best-in-class line, it can print smaller dots than any other digital label printing press. Liquid ElectroInk technology is the only process out there that can match gravure and offset quality printing. In fact, our HP Indigo 6800 is an offset printing press, complete with a blanket and plate, only in this case it’s all digital.

Incredible colour

Meeting strict brand guidelines is something we take pride in and do daily. You get unparalleled colour control with up to seven ink stations, and the widest gamut on the market (97% of PANTONE colours). An inline spectrophotometer with a closed-loop colour monitoring system saves time on colour calibration and profiles.

Unmatched versatility

You can print on any substrate, from 0.5 millimetre film to 18 point paperboard, with the flexibility to produce a remarkable range of pressure-sensitive labels, wrap-around labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons.

Speed and productivity

It’s the only digital press on the market that does priming inline, in a single process, which means time to market is faster; it can produce up to 40 linear metres per minute. We can get rolls out as early as the next day where others take up to two weeks.
Speed and productivity. With two-shift operation, the HP Indigo has a digital workflow built for speed. It’s the only digital press that does priming inline, and includes multiple machines for decutting, varnishing, and laminating. With lead times from as few as 2-3 business days for standard jobs and 5-7 for highly customized requests, the HP Indigo helps you get to market faster.


Imagine if you picked up a beer bottle at your local pub and the label had artwork of your neighbourhood, or if you ran a marathon and your swag bag had samples personalized to your name and race number. You would surely remember the brand that went to the effort to get to know you.

Limited editions convey premium value and scarcity and tell a unique brand story. Enhance your brand by helping the consumer make a personal connection with your product. Harness the power of putting a person’s name, a commemorative design, or a one-of-a-kind collectible pattern on their package. Our digital presses let you create hyper-personalized packaging down to individual labels
Variable imaging: Used for images, text, mosaic, numbering, sequential bar coding and other data, this type of digitally printed label offers tremendous opportunities for customization. Variable imaging allows you to personalize down to individual labels and achieve remarkable effects such as numbered limited-edition products. Typically seen on high-end small-batch products or using artwork with local or hyper-local appeal.

More about the HP Indigo WS6800:

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