Your Label is the Face Of Your Brand

As a business owner, you know there’s a lot of competition out there. The trick is to be able to quickly and effectively communicate why your product is the best choice for your customers. A great label can do that – and more! 

You’ve put significant thought into your product, and with our guidance, state-of-the-art technology, and expert staff, we will ensure the finished product helps you own the shelf. It’s your only chance to make a first impression, and we have the expertise to make that impression a great one.

First-Rate Facility

Okay, we get it: not everyone is as jazzed about label printing as we are. But we’d like to try change that. If you were to come to the Lorpon facility (and yes, you’re invited!), you’d see manufacturing equipment from across technologies.

With our presses, we can almost do anything!  This includes digital, flexographic, embossing, debossing, screen printing, cold foil, hot foil, variable content, personalization…we could go on.  Small or large volume, we have you covered.   

We’re so kitted out that we’re agnostic to different print technologies. We have all the tools, so rather than pushing one or two capabilities, we can concentrate on advising you on the best labelling solutions for your needs. And because we are the manufacturer with all production in-house, you can do on-site press approvals – adding efficiency and giving you more control.

Lorpon Loves Labels

A label isn’t just a sticker that goes on your product. From the point of view of a potential customer, it IS the product. Everything a person needs to know – from ingredients to instructions to usages to company ethos – must be expertly communicated in that space.

That’s why our sales and service staff are more than just order takers – they’re knowledgeable advisors that will help you create a label with serious shelf appeal. We have people on-site ready to help you with your concept, catch market-specific issues (condensation on bottles, for example), and decide on the best technology to bring your ideas to life.


Our focus is service.

We work hard to understand your business and help you use great on-package marketing to engage your audience, meet your objectives and grow your market share. You’ll have a dedicated, highly responsive team on your account – our clients never have to wait more than three hours to get a question answered or an email returned. Timeframes are tighter and products need to hit the ground running. That’s why we operate 24/7 – and have some of the best shipping and logistics capabilities around. And if you need creative support, we’ve got a solid team to back you up with innovative designs and fresh ideas. Our team is creative and idea-driven, not just transactional – we’re not about being order-takers, but about using our knowledge to add real value to your brand. Count on an engaged, consultative approach to help you make the best packaging decision for your product.

Size Doesn't Matter

With all this good stuff under the hood, it might seem like we only do huge jobs. But that’s not true – we can accommodate any customer, regardless of size. It’s actually one of the reasons we invested in the industry leading digital label press from HP Indigo – so we can handle smaller print runs in a cost-effective way.

It all boils down to this: Lorpon is a family business that takes pride in long-term relationships and in doing the job right. We believe in transparency and honesty, and provide great service, no matter the client size. To us, everyone matters.

We Are Canadian, eh!

Obviously being Canadian doesn’t make us local to everyone, but we operate from a perspective that acknowledges the importance of having local partners. We try to take a local approach to all our jobs, finding the things that make a product unique, and using our expertise to deliver the very best packaging. No matter where you’re from, we can ship overnight. And, if you or your product happens to be Canadian too, all the better. We understand the market well.

Meet Our Team


Bob Pontarollo


Bob founded Lorpon Labels in 1985 with one goal: to provide his customers with the best products and the best service possible. And that’s what he’s been doing for three decades – building solid relationships with loyal clients, many of whom have stuck with this family-owned firm since day one.

There’s a word you’ll hear a lot when you talk to Bob: quality. He doesn’t skimp on service, or on equipment or materials. So when it came time to choose a digital press, he went with his team’s recommendation to invest in a top-of-the-line HP Indigo WS6800 digital press. Not only does the new press provide premium results, investing in the best available technology has really opened up what Lorpon can do for customers. Need to print on vinyl? Create a hologram? Produce customized pouches? The press can do all that and more, and the Lorpon team has the knowledge and skills to really leverage its potential.

“I’ve surrounded myself with a great team; everyone here has my mentality. Profit doesn’t come first – it’s service and quality. Profit comes when you do all the other things right.”


Andrea Pontarollo


Andrea grew up eating, sleeping and breathing labels; she was six years old when her parents founded Lorpon. She started off answering phones and making address labels, and spent her after-school hours and summers working in every part of the business to develop a comprehensive, ground-up knowledge of everything the company does.

These days, Andrea combines that history with next-generation thinking. As President, there’s no part of the business she doesn’t touch. Supplier pricing, problem solving, new software implementation, research, financials, analysis, she does it all. Highly organized and deadline driven, she has played a key role in helping the company grow – and has been instrumental in creating a warm, relaxed culture that’s welcoming for clients and employees alike.

“We’re not really a hierarchical culture here. Everyone’s ideas are valued, and everyone is empowered to make decisions. It’s a great atmosphere to work in – we’re a family-owned business, and that means we treat everyone like family.”


Jeff Sommer

Vice President Business Development

Jeff isn’t an order-taker. He’s an idea guy. He asks questions and offers options. He assesses all the angles and gives you the information you need to make an informed decision. If there’s something Lorpon has never made before, he will figure out how to do it, do it affordably – and do it well. Whether it’s sourcing new equipment, evaluating new production methods, or connecting with dependable partners, he finds the solutions that will help you break into new markets, create a connection with your customers – and unequivocally own the shelf. Want to talk about the possibilities of digital? Jeff is your man. As Lorpon’s resident digital champion, he is incredibly passionate about how new tech is changing the packaging landscape and creating new and exciting opportunities for growth. “My favourite project is always the next one. I love a challenge – and I love solving a problem that keeps my clients up at night. Money isn’t what drives me. It’s innovation. Possibilities. I’m incredibly interested in technology and how it can change our business for the better.”


Murray Ditchburn

Vice President Sales

Thinking about printing a new label or pouch for your product? This is the guy you should be talking to. With 20+ years in the label industry, Murray has a ton of knowledge about the materials and technologies that will make your packaging sell. Before joining Lorpon, he spent 16 years working with a label manufacturer, in that job, he started off in production and moved into sales. He uses that extensive knowledge to troubleshoot issues and come up with creative solutions to every packaging challenge. At Lorpon, his focus is on managing existing accounts, managing the sales team and pursuing new business. He is also involved with the company’s R&D efforts, which have been stepped up dramatically with the addition of the new digital press. He loves playing with different substrates, decorations and effects that simply aren’t possible on flexo – digital offers incredible opportunities for standout branding. The best part of Murray’s job, however, is dealing with people. But he isn’t your typical “sales guy” who tries to sell you stuff you don’t need. He focuses on offering you value, knowledge and a fair price. That’s how he has maintained strong relationships over the years – by working with integrity, fairness and responsiveness. “It’s about letting people know that I’m there for them. If I get a call or an email, even if I don’t have the answer right away, I’ll touch base to let them know I’ll get them the answer. Treating customers well is just good business.”
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