When you go to the store, how many different brands of iced tea do you see? How many kinds of coffee? It takes a lot to get noticed in this highly competitive market.

Create a no-label look on your glass container to convey purity and clarity. Use personalization to to attract various buyers in a single run. Use metallic inks and textures to add interest. Whether your product comes in a can, a bottle, or a single-serve package, the things you can do with the label are virtually unlimited.

Hot drinks

Coffee and tea drinkers can be pretty picky about their beverage options, but they tend to be brand loyal. Convey the quality and flavour of your product with eye-catching, innovative packaging.

We offer numerous packaging options including teabag tags, tea labels, wraps and pouches, single-serve instant coffee stick packs, coffee labels, and packets for powdered hot chocolate. Packages are designed to protect the product inside while engaging the buyer – and building your brand with every cup.

Cold drinks

If you’ve ever walked into a convenience store you have an idea of the endless cold drinks possibilities conveniently available to any thirsty customer. It’s typical for even the smallest bodega to have two or more beverage coolers full of soda, fresh pressed juice, cold brew coffee, kombucha, iced tea, milk beverages, and of course, water.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, your packaging needs to wow.

Drink crystals

Drink crystals and mixes really lend themselves to single-serve packages and branded stick packs. These highly portable packages make them easy to distribute as samples and to sell as on-the-go options.

Flexible packaging solutions give you lots of options for colour and graphics, while protecting the product inside. And if you’re looking for single-serve solutions, branded stick packs make it easy for people to use your product on-the-go.

Here’s how Lorpon Labels can help you

Here’s how Lorpon Labels can help you

We’ve been busy here at Lorpon Labels. We are excited to announce several new improvements that will help you get your products to market even faster and more efficiently so you can #owntheshelf....

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