Your packaging is the face of your product and the materials you use reflect your brand as much as the colours or graphics. Premium papers and finishes communicate high quality and often demand a higher retail price point. Sustainable materials underscore the environmental benefits of recyclables. Water-resistant labels keep that bottle of bubbly looking great on ice. The materials you choose are important, and our representatives can help you make the best choices.


We offer thousands of product packaging label options to make your items stand out. From traditional paper labels to clean, minimalist no-label looks, metalized finishes to extensive personalization options, your packaging possibilities are virtually unlimited.


Paper labels might be more traditional but they don’t have to be boring. We offer plenty of options including coated, uncoated, textured papers, estate papers (ideal for wines, spirits and other premium products), and high-gloss, each with unlimited customization for different applications.

Premium textured paper

These labels convey a premium look and feel for high-value products like wine and craft spirits, as well as barrel-aged beers. We are also seeing textured papers make their way into other types of high-value craft beverages like nut milks, fresh pressed juices, and craft kombucha.


Want colours that pop, labels that last, and a high-end look at an affordable price? Film labels are an ideal option for cosmetics, squeezable bottles, ice buckets, and containers with a no-label look. These are particularly appropriate for outdoor and industrial applications. Available in standard, clear, and holographic finishes.

Metalized effect

Using a gold or silver effect on your packaging instantly conveys a sense of prestige and high value. Available in bright, dull, or brushed finishes, the true metal foil look is reflective, visually appealing and highly impactful.

Specialty materials

Whatever you need your label or package to do, we have the materials to make it happen. Specialty materials include:

  • Holographic materials available in numerous different patterns
  • Metallic materials
  • Wood materials made of a thin wooden veneer, applied like regular paper
  • Security features, such as showing the word VOID when removed
  • Destructible labels
  • Fluorescent labels
  • Dissolvable labels for beer bottles and other recyclables
  • Tire labels
  • Instant redeemable coupons (IRCs)
  • Expanded content packaging including multi-layer labels
  • High-temperature, Kapton, polyamide, or polyester (Mylar) labels (links)
  • Outdoor label materials and inks
  • Durable label materials
  • Fire-resistant labels

Ultra-clear film

Going for a clean and modern look? Ultra-clear film with clear adhesive gives you seamless graphics that appear to be screen-printed right on the glass or plastic of your package. Ideal for beverage and health orbeauty applications meant to showcase the clarity of the liquid inside.

Flexible packaging

Plastic and paper multilayer structures offer barrier protection, enhance shelf life, and work great on filling lines. Plus, every package is beautifully rendered in full colour. Smaller format flexible packaging is ideal for printed wrappers, cosmetic samples, travel sized items, and pre-packaged products like snacks, portion-controlled servings, and tea wraps.

Flexible product packaging is the largest growing segment in the market. This type of package printing uses less material than rigid packaging, takes up less space in shipping, is cost-effective, and has a higher profit margin for brands. Plus, it can be printed digitally, so your customization options are virtually unlimited.

Single-service pouches and sachets

Think 20 packages of the same product in a box of Halloween treats, each with a different image. Single-serve sachet and pouches are soft, easy-to-transport items, commonly used for single-serve, portion-controlled, or sample items. They can be individually designed to meet your needs. If, for example, you need shampoo samples to gift those with curly, straight, and greying hair, you can produce customized single-serve pouches with individualized visuals for each target group.

Stick pack

Easy to distribute and quick to use, these pre-measured, single-use servings can be torn open in a snap, and they’re small enough to fit into a purse, pocket, or gym bag. Stick packs are perfect for drink powders, spices, protein powders, instant coffee, and even single-use garden fertilizers.

Bar wrap

Digital or flexo printed high-barrier packaging film gives you plenty of options for colourful, full-graphic wraps that make your bar stand out on-shelf. Options include clear, white, and metalized film. This is a popular option for protein bars, cereal bars, single-serve dessert squares, and health-food bars.

Snack food wrappers

High-barrier packaging keeps food fresh and easy to transport. Digital or flexo printed film gives you high-impact colour, premium graphics, and unlimited opportunities for customization. Great for individually-packaged crackers, cookies and candies, lunch-sized portions, and calorie-controlled portions.

Lidding films

Digitally printed peel-back lidding film offers excellent opportunities for branding and customization. Appropriate for virtually any kind of container, this kind of packaging frequently appears on yogurt, apple sauce, pudding, instant soups, and noodle bowls.


We print industrial tags, retail tags, lumber tags, produce bag tags, and fisheries tags. Whether you need a straight-up retail clothing tag or a heavy-duty solution that won’t fade or peel in an industrial or outdoor application, we can help. Talk to us about a tag that enhances your brand.

Base and banner wraps

Enhance skids, tables, shelving, and POP displays with your brand colours and logos using colourful, high-quality pallet wraps, base wraps, and banner wraps. This is an effective approach to getting more eyes on your product in-store and an excellent way to build brand recognition and engagement.

Prepaid cards

Picture your brand on a wide range of customized, giftable plastic cards – our labels offer unlimited options for colour, imagery, and creativity. We have solutions that are proven to allow extended clean removability from plastic cards – in several different label substrates that are paper of film. These labels are compatible with all types of card label applicators and can even be designed to accept thermal transfer or inkjet printing.

Talk to us about the possibilities. Print custom labels for phone cases, cans, bottles, shrink sleeves, coffee cups, placemats, and baby food labels. The only limit, really, is your imagination.

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