Cleaners and chemicals

Convey value and quality with chemical labels, cleaning product labels, and flexible packaging that supports your brand and protects your product.

Cleaners and chemicals needs appropriate labels and this often means using filmic label materials, white bopp for rigid containers, as well as flexible materials for semi-squeeze containers and full squeeze tubes. Ultra-clear materials for the no-label look are also available, as well as metallic substrates. Decorative effects can include metallic and holographic foils, as well as specialty inks and coatings for matte or gloss contrast and textures.

Specialty label materials won’t deteriorate or peel, even if the chemical contents spill on them, ensuring that warning signs, instructions, and safety information will always be available to the user – and your brand image lasts throughout the use of the product.


Selling candles is all about the look of the packaging. The candle label needs to convey quality, elegance, and style.

In the premium candle market, the label needs to suggest the quality of the product. Like the hot foil stamp or embossing on a fine wine label, a hand-poured high-end candle will demand packaging that hints at the quality within. Lorpon can produce elegant solutions that will attract discerning customers.

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