There’s no marketplace more competitive than food. And when you’re going toe-to-toe with blue chip brands on the shelf, the best place to spend your marketing budget is on great packaging.

Our food labels make your product get noticed. They ensure your packages look polished and professional – and communicate with the buyer in a way that engages their senses and fits your brand. But Lorpon’s labels don’t just look great – they work hard. We use materials that can withstand handling, friction in transport, moisture, heat, cold and any other challenge they encounter.

We make everything from packaging for high-end cheeses to labels for mason-jar goodies with a farmer’s market vibe, one-off label designs for mom-and-pop shops to branded solutions for $300M companies. We produce eco-friendly options for organic products, stickers for clamshell bakery containers. and weigh scale labels for meat and deli departments. Every food label is a chance to convey your brand and win a customer.

Digital is ideal for SKU proliferation

As our customers expand into different versions of the same product and test new ones, our creative food label options can help them dominate the shelf even further. Digital printing makes it easy to customize different packaging in the same run, with zero setup costs.

Fresh produce

From clamshell labels for cherry tomatoes and strawberries to Price Lookup Code (PLU) labels applied directly to fruit, our versatile produce options keep your brand visible.

Meat, poultry, and deli

Need labels that won’t fade, run, or be affected by moisture? We make on-package and scale labels for food items stored at all temperatures, from the cans of juice concentrate in the freezer to the rotisserie chicken in the warming area, using specialized materials that stand up beautifully to frost, condensation, and heat.

Talk to us about options for:
Meat packaging labels (for both refrigerated and meat counter applications)
Deli packaging labels
Rotisserie chicken labels and other home meal replacement options

Home meal replacement

Ready-to-eat meals are a huge part of today’s grocery offering. Help buyers choose your brand with premium packaging that conveys the freshness and flavour of your food. From rotisserie chickens to single-serve lasagnas, pre-packaged sushi to all-in-one salads, great packaging pairs with a great product that hungry, time-strapped shoppers will buy.


People are willing to spend money for a good Brie, blue, or Gouda. Cheese isn’t high-volume, but it’s definitely high-value, which makes it ideal for digital printing.

Digital lets you do some really great things with cheese labels. It gives you vibrant colour and unlimited personalization options for premium branding that speaks to a sophisticated audience. Plus, it’s ideal for low-volume specialty labels that require a premium look.


There’s nothing like the appeal of freshly baked cookies, croissants, and cupcakes. Enhance it with great-looking labels. Full-colour, branded bakery labels are ideal for clamshell containers, bags, and bakery boxes, and are often used for shorter runs, quick turnaround, in-and-outs, and reducing inventory.

Prepared foods

There’s a lot of competition on the prepared foods shelf. How can you get your product noticed among all the other options vying for customer attention? Convey your brand with premium look on your mustard labels, jams labels, hot sauce labels, and other condiment labels. Extend that eye-catching design to your dip, spread, cream cheese, or soup. Specialized materials won’t react to condensation or cold.

Pet food

The pet space is remarkably competitive, with premium and organic foods being a major growth market. With all the brands currently on-shelf, it takes something really special to get noticed.

Brand your pet food, treats, and accessories with eye-catching packaging that conveys your brand and benefits at a glance. We make pet food packaging labels for rigid containers and standup pouches for foods and treats. And our digital printing capabilities are ideal for manufacturers looking for small runs that provide high quality pet food packaging at an affordable price.

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