We’ve been busy here at Lorpon Labels. We are excited to announce several new improvements that will help you get your products to market even faster and more efficiently so you can #owntheshelf.

Order and reorder with ease online

Our online client portal LorponPro makes the process of ordering labels as convenient as an Amazon purchase. Akin to enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, this portal allows clients to do the following:

– Easily proof, order, edit and collaborate all in one place.

– Eliminates the need for lengthy and confusing email threads by streamlining and archiving artwork approvals for multiple stakeholders.

– All of your history is searchable in one convenient place, which makes reordering a breeze.

– The proofing and approval process is now significantly easier.

– Allows collaboration so that more than one person from a team can create orders or proof files.

Uber efficient planning and scheduling

Printing a label is not as straightforward as it may seem. In fact, printing labels is a very complex manufacturing process. From graphics and proofing to inks, varnishes and materials, there are many moving parts. The technology has also become more sophisticated due to market demands for highly decorated and embellished labels—what once took a single machine now takes three to five to complete a premium, customized label. As a result, we have introduced new production software to further improve our efficiency and reduce and eliminate delivery shortfalls.

In this time-sensitive industry, every second counts. Our new planning and scheduling tool has elevated our production efficiency by interpreting our data and optimizing our scheduling. With over 18 production lines in our label factory, planning can obviously become quite complex. Our algorithm-based tools now analyse over 300 data points on our production tickets. This allows us to produce each label on the best production line, at the best time, every time. The end result is 30% more production efficiency as well as visibility into any type of supply chain or production issue that may delay an order, allowing us to proactively reposition print jobs in real-time.

The end goal for our team is to communicate with all our clients about job status immediately. Clients also have instant access to progress information in the portal. For the printing industry, that is pretty cool!

More top of the line equipment

Take a tour of our production floor and you might not recognize the place. Some of the new high tech installs in the last year:

– Brand new custom designed slitting and inspection line
This line includes some very advanced technology including the ability to print variable data on the backside liner of each label or the front of each label. This can be used for numbering, barcodes or any other details you can imagine

– A pharmaceutical grade, 100% camera-based inspection system that captures an image of every label printed to highlight any defects larger than 3 pixels

– New high-speed digital converting line, which allows for varnishing, lamination, cold foils, and spot flexo printing effects

– Additional die-cutting embellishment upgrades allow our clients to have labels with highly customized cut-outs within their label – this is definitely unique and will certainly help you #owntheshelf

At Lorpon Labels, our primary goal is to create an easy and enjoyable experience for our customers. From our client portal LorponPro to our simple and straightforward onboarding process, we are here to support you throughout your entire packaging journey. Book a tour with us and see how Lorpon Labels can help your products #owntheshelf.

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