As a business owner, you know how important brand recognition is for your business. Showcasing your company with excellence across all of your products is imperative to how both current and prospective clients will recognize you. And, the quality in which you present yourself, is what can ultimately set your product ahead of the competition on store shelves. When choosing a label manufacturer for your business, you may consider both big-brand and small- to medium-size producers. Let’s compare.


Large manufacturers

Many businesses might do a quick Google search for a label manufacturer, and select the one at the top of the food chain—the one that’s put the most money into optimizing their search engine results. If you want to be top of mind when it comes to a consumer’s purchasing decision, the biggest, cheapest label company won’t necessarily work closely enough with you to achieve that result. You’ll likely end up working with a producer that has a high volume of clients situated across a wide geographical area, resulting in very little personal attention to your business and your goals.


Small- to mid-size manufacturers

When compared to large manufacturers, small- to mid-size organizations are more inclined to offer customer service with a personal touch. Instead of being an anonymous client subject to scripted answers and set protocols, you’re likely to be treated with empathy, understanding and a common agreement on how to reach your production goals.

At smaller manufacturers, you’ll also likely receive senior-level attention throughout the production process. With smaller staffing numbers comes and increase in job responsibilities across the board. This creates an added motivation to provide top-notch service, as well as direct account management versus a third-party liaison or “middle man.”

The flexibility of a smaller producer also offers more freedom to customize your label(s)—whether it be through process, price or design—as well as more opportunity to implement changes throughout all phases of production. And, being less cumbersome than a large organization, you’ll also see the benefits of speed and quicker turnaround times.

Further, smaller companies, especially entrepreneurs, are always looking to edge out the competition through innovation. This includes new opportunities for their clients, and new ways of doing business. For you, as the client, this means the use of new technologies when printing your labels, and a team that’s always thinking one step ahead of the competition.

Ultimately, as you make a decision on a label producer for your product(s), choose the manufacturer that recognizes the importance of your brand, and is committed to meeting (if not exceeding) your expectations.


About Lorpon Labels

Founded in 1985 by CEO Bob Pontarollo, Lorpon Labels provides smart, value-driven packaging to manufacturers and retailers nationwide. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Lorpon focuses on innovative labels and single-serve packages for everything from food and beverage to household and beauty products. Using the HP Indigo WS6800, the most advanced narrow-web solution on the market, allows them to offer tremendous customization options and affordable solutions for small runs. Serving a diverse client base that ranges from small startups to national grocery chains, their focus is on quality, service and building brand.


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