As technology and the Internet continue to impact purchasing decisions and buyer behaviours, brands need to showcase their best self (on every shelf) now more than ever. In 2017, we predict that product packaging and labels will speak volumes, and will speak louder than ever before in order to stand out at every possible point of purchase.

We have talked in the past about the buying journey that Google has coined the “zero moment of truth.” This is where a customer researches a product, oftentimes before the seller even knows the buyer exists. First impressions are everything in this stage! Your product needs to stand for itself and sell by itself. How will your product(s) measure up? Below are some trends we’re predicting to see a lot more of in 2017 that will help brands get noticed in today’s varied and crowded marketplaces.

Customized labels

With the need (and desire) to own the shelf, brands are seeking even more customized packaging, with value-added enhancements to truly set themselves apart. As a result, we’re seeing requests for new tactile coatings and ink effects coupled with the use of flexo and digital print systems to deliver smaller runs of customized products. Before the days of digital printing, brands relied on smaller individual batch runs to reach the amount of personalization found among labels printed using digital technology today.

Handcrafted labels

To truly tell a product story, we’re also seeing a rise in the look of handcrafted labels; a carefully crafted design that appears to have been made by hand, with every label unique. One example would be labels that appear to be hand-written. This trend emerged in 2016, and we expect it to continue as the appeal of true-to-life script seems to resonate better with buyers when compared to neat, angled font types.

Embellished labels

With the desire to set yourself apart, comes more complex designs for your product labels. For example, with beverage bottles, we used to see heavily embellished fronts and simple, informative backs. But more and more, clients are requesting the back labels to be equally as intricate as the front. The digital embellishment technologies being developed by HP Indigo present a one-pass solution that can result in truly unique and innovative ways to add shelf appeal to your labels.

Smart labels

Package designs are more and more being tested with variable data that can connect to a brand’s digital marketing campaign and further entice the consumer. We call this “smart packaging.” When buyers scan this type of packaging with their smartphone, they can instantly access how-to videos, further product information and other details that may clutter your design, keeping your label clean and fresh. If you’re thinking QR codes, we definitely are not. Instead, connect to your customers with digital watermarks and image recognition. 

In the package and label sector, your resolution this year is clear: the industry isn’t standing still, and neither should you. The marketplaces is accelerating at new speeds, and the opportunity for your own growth is limitless. Think outside the box (literally), and put your best face forward.

And what’s our resolution at Lorpon Labels? This year we’re striving for even more enhanced customer interaction. We’ll be working even more closely with our clients and partners to optimize print quality and efficiency, reduce waste, minimize downtime and increase profitability. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your resolution, while we commit to ours.


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