Two of the Lorpon Labels leadership team, Jeff Sommer, VP Business Development and Murray Ditchburn, VP Sales, went on a ‘field trip’ to Ontario’s liquor store, the LCBO, last week to see which wine labels grabbed their attention and simply #OwnTheShelf.  Here is a summary of what they found.


What Murray is looking for as he walks through the LCBO

Headshot of Murray Ditchburn who works with Lorpon Labels' clients on product packaging and labels

Murray Ditchburn, VP Sales, Lorpon Labels

If a wine hasn’t been recommended to me I will choose a one based on the label.  I like a label that has some type of embellishment, a vibrant colour or use of foil.  A high build varnish or emboss/deboss has a great impact while you hold the bottle, allowing you to use your sense of touch.  Each trip to the LCBO can be different; one day a simple label, another trip a bold and busy label. I am sure my mood has an impact on my decision, or, even who I’m sharing the wine with. The great thing about wine labels – it is one of the few markets where the label can been seen as art, so be creative!

Murray selected 8 wines he feels #OwnTheShelf

Number one

Wine label that owns the shelfRiverlore

This label instantly caught my eye!  I love the deep black with the intricate graphics.  Everything has a screen finish except for the white illustration – the Taniwha.



Number two

Custom wine labels that own the shelfChateau St Jean

There are new world and old world wines, and this label showcases old world charm. The imagery along with the elegance of a gold foil and embossed trim are classic and timeless.


Number three

Wine labels that own the shelfVendemmia

This label showcases the use of silk screen and foil once again, but portrays a very different look to the previous label.  The die cut of the label is unique and the label is simple. Lots of white space which just enough embellishment and a rich red font for the variety of the wine. Overall a clean and inviting label.


Number four

Wine labels that own the shelfWolf Blass

Most of us are familiar with the Wolf Blass brand and overarching look of their labels. This label stood out to me amongst the wines in their repertoire.  The use of the gold and silver foil was catching, but what grabbed my attention was the leaf with the foil treatments. The print over the foil adds beautiful texture and depth to the label.


Number five

Wine labels that own the shelfCarnivor

This wine is on trend with the use of multiple labels to represent one label.  It also showcases great use of silk screen in the detail of the label.



Number six

Custom wine labels that own the shelfBeso de Vino

This label uses a textured stock, instantly bringing depth to the label.  Add the bright blue colour, the foil on the red heart and the wine glass and the silk screen outlining the bull, and you have a great looking label that uses just enough embellishments.


Number seven

Custom wine labels that own the shelfFantini

An elegant deep black label paired with bright pink accents, orange foil, and silk screen dots to draw your eye inward and you have a product that is sure to #owntheshelf!


Number eight

Custom wine labels that own the shelfYalumba

Continuing with the trend of black labels, Yalumba uses a subtle gradient in their label.  Further, the lines in the background …. and the use of silk screen on the words add dimensions to the label.  Subtle yet impactful.



What Jeff is looking for as he walks through the LCBO

Headshot of Jeff Sommer who works with Lorpon Labels' clients on product packaging and labelsGoing to any retail store is often an adventure for me. I usually get totally distracted at the supermarket looking at different types of labeling and packaging and seeing how different brands are trying to catch the consumers attention. But, for me going to the liquor and wine store,  <The LCBO> in Ontario is often a long adventure. Wine and spirits are special in the world of labelling and branding. They are often using more exotic and difficult to work with materials. They also are often full of embellishments – that’s added decorative effects for the non-industry folk – things such as foils, embossing, debossing, holographics, screen printing, textures, contrasts, and use of vibrant colour. Bringing all of these things together can present unique challenges to a printer, branding agency, and the winery marketing team. It’s a high stakes business… vying for the attention of the consumer. For me, its about standing out compared to your competition, how is your wine different, what is your winery’s story? What’s the personality of your winery and brand? That should all come out in your label. Vibrant colour catches my eye, as well as subtle and classy usage of foil and screen print. When you look at the wine shelfs you can usually see a swath of cream coloured estate paper labels — they tell a specific type of story, and appeal to a certain demographic. Bright colours, deep blacks contrasted with matte/gloss and a splash of colour appeal to yet another demographic. Recently we have seen some wine labels break all the “taboos” with humour, sexiness, and brash sayings and artwork. I enjoy seeing what some great agencies and marketers come up with — it’s a dynamic and fast paced environment.

The wine and spirits world is on the cutting edge of decorative effects and that’s what draws me to this type of labeling. I love being able to work on these type of projects in the early stages to help the design team come up with the absolute best looking label possible… with the goal of standing out, owning the shelf, with the focus of having the consumer putting that bottle of wine in their shopping carts.

Jeff selected 12 wines he feels #OwnTheShelf

Number one

Wine that owns the shelf

Columbia Winery

Although this label seems clean and simple, it has a lot going on!  What stood out immediately was the spiral embossing, which goes right to the edge of the label.  Next, they use a high build/structured varnish to further command attention to the ‘C’. The rest of the silk screen is subtler, which is less tactile but still offers great visual contrast.

Number two

The Show

Wanna go the rodeo? After seeing this label, I do!  This instantly screamed production poster to me, not wine label, but it grabbed my attention. I love the use of colour (especially yellow), the strong red font and the bold, tactile image of the buck and bronco.


Number three

Big Smooth

I love this label!!!!  It is my number one pick. It is so unique!  At first glance, the bold purple colour draws your eye. The balance of the imagery is perfect…the fishnet stocking background, the infamous “Leg Lamp” and the perfect amount of cursive font.  Then you pick it up and experience the velour feel of the substrate.  It is only natural that the next step is to put it in your cart.

Number four

Entre Suelos

What drew me to this label was the nice use of holographic foil with the imagery.  When you look at the bottle from an angle you can’t see the foil, it has a lot less impact, which really shows how embellishment can make all the difference.



Number five


This elegance of this label stood out. The warm, earthy green colour along with screen printing on the detailed swirls.


Number six

Wines that own the shelfFrancis Coppola

Black and gold is always powerful, exuding opulence and stature.  Francis Coppola takes has taken this trend even further by using 3-dimensional foil stamp and foil embossing.




Number seven

Austin Hope

This bottle is a work of art, even down to the wax on the neck of the bottle.  In addition to the bright colour, if you look closely at the left side, you will see the outline of an elephant silk screened onto the label.  This label commands your attention.



Number eight

Wines that own the shelfLakeview Cellars

This label is simple, but to add some intricacy, they screen printed the speckled background on the black.




Number nine

Wines that own the shelfChateau de Charmes

Sometimes the slightest use of colour can have the biggest impact.  The green foil in this label achieves just that.  It draws your eye in. Paired with the two-tone label and a unique dieline of the escarpment, this label wins my attention.



Number ten

Wines that own the shelfFontella

What grabbed my attention with this label instantly is the use of colour. The vibrant blue jumped off the shelf and pulled me in. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can draw you in!



Number eleven

Wines that own the shelfVive la vie

The blend between classic and new stood out to me with this label. The clean white upper portion with a subtle foil treatment combined with the artistic, colourful bottom was an interesting way to play the trends.




Number twelve

Wines that own the shelfMcMichael

I love versioning on labels!  I may be bias because the HP Digital Indigo press is the best on the market for versioning, but I think it brings your label and product to a whole new level.  When you leverage versioning on your label, it automatically grabs the buyers’ attention, their curiosity, and exudes “collector item”.  It makes buyers want to purchase not just one of your product, but all the versions available. If you have a label that can showcase the use of this technology, and the power it has on a consumer, seize the moment and do it!


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