“Durables” is a category of items that presents an interesting challenge: because they contain identifying and safety information, labels must be permanent, even in the face of extreme environments. Durables include automotive and tire, outdoor and power tools, raw materials, and electronics and appliances. Labels for items in this category need to withstand aggressive chemicals, extreme temperatures, and weather events without fading, peeling, or rubbing off—they need to last. Unlike a label on a beer can or bottle of shampoo, a label on a car part, for example, must be permanent. It’s a part of the item itself.

With labels for durables, the stakes are high. If a label succumbs, it takes with it important manufacturer or safety information. At Lorpon, we’ve got the technology and expertise to meet these challenges and industry demands so you can relax knowing we’re doing the heavy lifting.

Automotive and tire

Labels in this category have to adhere to the vinyls, leathers, and plastics of interiors, on metal exteriors, in the hot and oily engine environments, and on rubber tires. They must be weatherproof and chemical-resistant, and they have to meet strict—and sometimes differing—regulations from manufacturers or regulatory bodies.

Electronics and appliances

Your house is full of appliances and they all have permanent labels. Look under the base of your blender or at the back of your coffee machine and you’ll find information meant to last the lifetime of the device. The same goes for your electronics. These labels usually contain manufacturer information (like part numbers) along with safety guidelines. They’re essential. And they need to be heat and cold resistant, accommodate moving parts, and withstand moisture, all without cracking, peeling, fading, or rubbing off.

Outdoor and power tools

Lawn mowers, snow blowers, and anything else used outside needs to be able to handle all types of weather including sun, rain, and extreme temperatures. Add moving parts and heavy duty chemicals and you’ve got a tough situation for labels. We work with you to develop the best labels for your needs.

Industrial drums

Industrial metal drums are used to store all sorts of chemicals and other materials, some of which are oily or corrosive. To make things worse, filling these drums often happens during manufacture in extreme temperatures. And storage? Metal drums could be kept indoors or out, in wet or dry conditions, at any temperature. We’ve got the technology and expertise to produce labels that can withstand even the most aggressive environments (not to beat our own drum).

General industrial

You might not have thought about the challenges of labelling a pile of rebar or stack of metal beams, but we sure have! The raw materials or component parts for large-scale construction or other manufacturing require labels too. Imagine trying to build a bookcase without the instruction booklet and you’ll get a sense of just how important labels are. Whether it’s designing and producing high-intensity adhesives or devising a rugged tagging system, we’ve got a solution for you.

When you’re working with durables, you’re working with a very specific set of challenges. Weather events, chemicals and lubricants, and extreme temperatures conspire to destroy crucial manufacturer and safety information. You need rugged, effective solutions—durable labels and packaging from Lorpon Labels.

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