Chris Del Degan

Chris Del Degan believes that thoughtful and beautiful design can change the world. She is the owner and creative director of Wondermatter, a branding and design studio that crafts the voice and vibe of beautiful brands for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to make the world a more loving and gorgeous place. Since she could hold a crayon, her love of art has become woven into all aspects of her life, and from packaging design to logo development a hand-made touch is the signature of her work. Chris’ greatest passion is helping others live their dream life, helping people do more of what they love by communicating. First, she helps people articulate what gifts they want to put out into the world, and express why this mission creates more goodness and beauty in the lives of others. Then she creates visuals that make their first impression a knockout. Want to create a package, an outfit for your product that encourages people to touch, take home, and share it with others? To find out more about her work, have a peek at @findwondermatter and get in touch at



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