Premium Packaging for a Luxury Brand


Crown Shaving is a small Toronto-based company that makes luxury men’s grooming products. The products – including shaving cream, after-shaves and styling products – are all-natural and made from botanical ingredients. The brand is rugged yet luxe, evoking straight-razor shaves and a 1960’s “Mad Men” masculinity; the bottles feature a sleek black label with raised metallic printing that is meant to communicate the premium nature of the product and stand out on the shelf.

Most companies doing this kind of printing are based in the US, and Crown had initially engaged a US-based printer to do their labels. However, they encountered several problems. The first was the printer’s location; the higher value of the US dollar made printing more expensive, and the long-distance relationship made communication and quality control a challenge.

The second problem was more significant: the labels that the US company printed didn’t stand up to regular use. When the bottles were exposed to moisture (as grooming products tend to be), the paper labels peeled and disintegrated. This was definitely not in keeping with customer expectations around the premium nature of the product.

“The initial company didn’t ask the questions,” says Jeff Sommer, Lorpon’s Director of New Business Development. “They just took the order without understanding the product, and the result didn’t just look bad – it damaged the brand.”

Crown Shaving started looking for a local printer that could solve the problem, and they were referred to Lorpon Labels.



Lorpon did ask the questions – and recommended switching to a metalized film product with tactile printing and a waterproof matte varnish. To keep prices down, they went with digital printing to accommodate the low volumes required.

“Lorpon solved all the problems,” says Dino Caracciolo, founder of Crown Shaving. “They sat down with me and really got to understand the product and how it works – and armed with that knowledge, suggested materials that would stand up to water and regular use.”

The new, higher quality labels are more expensive than the original ones, but the cost is offset by the fact that Lorpon is local, so there’s no exchange rate to contend with, communication is always easy, and prices are fair.

“The premium solution is actually cheaper for the brand in the long run,” says Sommer. “An expensive luxury product has to look premium to sell to the audience it’s intended for. Because really, if your product doesn’t sell, a little bit of up-front savings won’t mean much.”


The new labels do everything they’re supposed to do. They look luxurious and masculine, offer tremendous tactile appeal and really stand out on the shelf.

“They have really grabbed people’s attention,” says Carraciolo. “Customers see the packaging first, and that’s when they pick it up and look closer to see what’s in it and what the product does.”

Not only do the labels look great, they don’t fall apart when they get wet. Their superior long-term performance has maintained the integrity of the brand.

Another benefit to partnering with Lorpon was having access to a local resource, which saved money and increased convenience dramatically. The client appreciates that he has more control over the process, and more say in day-to-day decisions.

Lorpon’s relationship with Crown Shaving started with a single project in 2013, and since then, the relationship has grown to all of their label printing. The reasons? Quality and service.

“They always explain what they think will be the best solution,” says Carraciolo. “They tell me the reasons behind their thinking and really help me understand every element so I can make an informed decision. And I really like that I’m not just a number to them. It’s always easy to get in touch, even if I just want to pick their brains on something small. They’re quick, responsive, and always deliver on their deadlines. Plus, I never have to jump through hoops to talk to them, which was a problem with my last printer.”

Lorpon’s commitment to customer service extends to every client. A small account like Crown Shaving is treated just as well as a larger account, and the team works hard to find the right solution to every challenge, no matter what the size.

“Dino has confidence that we’re going to come through for him,” says Sommer. “And that’s what we’re all about. Building trust and relationships with our clients by delivering on their expectations – and then some.”

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