While small companies may not have the marketing dollars that large, established brands do, their products can still compete on a level playing field. How? When it comes to product packaging, it’s a head-to-head competition on store shelves and online. Although many business may see packaging as a cost to minimize, investing funds into what actually holds your product (i.e. the “silent salesperson”) might just be what edges your product ahead of its stiffest competitors.

Why bother? Packaging is no longer just the “stuff” that your product comes in. It plays a significant factor in increasing your marketability and brand. Add more value for your customer by creating a memorable buying experience that will keep them coming back for more. Further, with online shopping, customers have fewer touch points than they do in-store, so your product’s packaging is the one that needs to stand out on-screen amongst all the others.

Want to stay competitive? Consider your product’s packaging design to be an investment, not a cost. When you’re ready to take on getting that stand-out look, consider some of these suggestions:

Get personal  

Customers are frequently drawn to packaging that is personalized or appears handmade, versus a bland, cookie-cutter design. Consider packaging ideas that are art pieces versus commercial products. Be mindful of your demographic, for example Millennials, which have demonstrated the desire to engage with brands that allow them to express some of their own personal identity. Millennials desire more brand interaction opportunities and seek enhanced shopping experiences. Meeting those needs will increase loyalty and engagement with the brand.

Personalization also creates the image that your product is more authentic and relevant in today’s world. There are endless possibilities on how personalization and individualization can be used to help your product own the shelf.

Inspire creativity

Consider using innovative materials and/or shapes for your packaging. If you truly want to stand out among other brands, having a unique look is what will get you the first glance.

Add functionality

Added function to a package will further contribute to your product’s value, and in turn give you an edge over those that don’t. Is it possible to use your label as a closure in a peal and re-seal application? Can your packaging double as a bowl to serve the product in? Or perhaps unfold as a craft for children? If possible, a refill program using your original packaging is bound to generate repeat customers. Think outside the box—literally—about possibilities for added functionality.

Be sustainable

If your company has a commitment to sustainability—and even if it doesn’t—taking an eco-friendly approach with your packaging will give customers a feel-good attitude when they buy it.

If you’re ready to get a jump on the competition with your product packaging, contact Lorpon Labels where we’ll work with you to create custom labels with our industry leading digital print technology. Our digital equipment presents an ideal option, especially if you have multiple products and frequent design changes. As a small business, you might also be printing in small batches, and that’s OK. If you order fewer products more often, it will allow for design changes and refreshes to be made that keep up with the ebb and flow of your customer sales trends. Contact us today, and together we’ll take on the big-box brands with a quality, custom packaging solution that surpasses your competition.

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