Imagine yourself in a drugstore. Think about the magazine racks, the medicine aisle, and the seasonal gifts section. Now imagine the shelves of health and beauty products—visualize the rows of lotions, cleansers, gels, and tints. Did you notice a difference? Chances are, even in your mind’s eye, you imagined a section separated both by physical features like an enclosed space and by visual cues like the style of packaging.

In health and beauty, packaging has to communicate a set of very specific ideas. Consumers want to feel that they are buying quality products that will enhance their beauty or enrich their well-being. For this reason, a premium look is key—but products still need to stand out on the shelf. Add to this challenge the fact that health and beauty items come in all sorts of states—liquids, sprays, gels, powders, and pastes, to name just a few—and you’ve got a unique set of packaging requirements.  

Luckily, Lorpon’s got the expertise to give you the right look and feel while producing packaging that will grab your customers’ attention. 

What do I need to know about the technical requirements?

In a word: nothing. We take care of it.  

When it comes to packaging health and beauty products, there are as many variables as shades of hair colour but with Lorpon you’ve got expert help. In this instance (and perhaps in only this instance!) you can think of us as the consultant at a make-up counter.  You bring your packaging and we’ll choose the best label for the job. We have the films to work with rigid and flexible containers, understand which coatings can withstand your product, and know how to produce a reliable and high-quality label that matches well with your brand. It’s like we’re doing your colours—at the end you’ll have an eye-popping label that’s uniquely yours. 

What are my options?

At Lorpon we take a consultative approach, meaning that we ask the right questions to produce the best possible labels for your product. This method gives you full access to our expertise while welcoming your preferences or creative ideas.  

In the health and beauty space, we generally advise clients to familiarize themselves with these four types of labels. These are the top-performers for communicating the right balance of vitality, attractiveness, self-care, and wellness—all with a premium look and feel. 

Foil and holographic effects

Foilsholographic effects, and other embellishments work by engaging customers’ senses in an unusual or unique way. They catch the eye and tempt the customer to touch the label and packaging. We know that consumers have a bias towards reflective packaging, and the premium look that foils and holographic material achieve are perfect for the health and beauty space. 


Something as simple as the finish on a label can entice your customers to take a closer look. We can assist you in deciding whether a matte or gloss look works best with your brand, or look at a soft touch finish—a matte surface with a silky feel.  

High build

If you’ve ever reached out to run your fingers across raised parts of a label, you’ve likely interacted with a high build varnish. The effect can be achieved through flexo or screen printing (and at Lorpon we do both). Tactile elements look great—and beg for more interaction. They’re also perfect for specialty requirements like information in Braille.  

Special effects

Of all the special effects, glitter is perhaps the happiest of them all which can explain why it’s often found in the health and beauty section. Whatever you’re going for—the rich sophistication of a pearlescent label or the instant customer interaction of a scratch ‘n’ sniff—Lorpon has the ability to make your product stand out. 

The health and beauty sector is extremely competitive. We invite you to work with us to make sure your product has runway-ready packaging that jumps off the shelf.  

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